Changing username on the forum

That must be the best intro to a username change request I have read so far.

@Marcovaldo it is – even though I admit that I ever so briefly filled out ‘DanBob’ in the username field… :wink:


Thank you, René! It wasn’t me, it was the chain of good humor and wit in the posts leading up to mine — they put me in a sunny, playful frame of mind. So far I really appreciate the tenor of interaction here — Thank you all!

I love your choice of Magritte details. I am new to social media, and I am shocked by how hard it is to find something that feels right in a circle . . . but that shock was nothing compared to realizing how hard it is (maybe just for me!) to predict what does and does not “read” clearly from that same circle . . . I am still flummoxed. Yours is still legible and clear even when it is only 3mm . . . Hats off to you!


i would like to request a username change to “traumerei”

All set to go James.

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Thanks for the excellent product and service. Please can you change my username to Kiwidave

Hi David,

I was just sorting this out for you and discovered that KiwiDave is already taken … but he’s the odd thing it’s taken by you (it’s associated with Roon Licence, the @KiwiDave account is not).

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Let me tag @jamie he will be able to merge @KiwiDave into @KiwiDave … but it may take a day or so to get sorted … in the meantime I recommend logging @KiwiDave out of the forum and logging back in as @KiwiDave (if you don’t recall the password, reset from here …


Many thanks. Now logged in as Kiwidave.


Hi @andybob
Would appreciate a change of my username to THGM
Many thanks!

Not Andybob, but @THGM it is!

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Gosh that was quick, thanks René!

Just passing by… :wink:


hi !! Could you change my nick to Riccx
Thanks !!

All set @Riccx

Please change my name to derek.


Derek was taken so I did @Derek_W .
If you want something different please let me know.

Hello, please change my username to Monsterrollie to match Twitter and IG handles…Thanks!

@Monsterrollie, consider it done!

Thank you.

Derek_W if possible please.


Of course @Derek_W

Hello, could you please change my username to michaelm?