Changing username

(Daniel Beyer) #301

Done. :smiley:



Anyway to change mine. No idea why but when I signed up I did not use my normal online avatar but my real name which would love to not use?

Can I become CrystalGipsy please

(Rene Bouwmeester) #304

Off to a great weekend, @CrystalGipsy ?

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Let’s hope so. Cheers Rene I feel whole again.

(Bill J) #306


I realize this thread is old, but I would also like my full name omitted from public view. Could it be changed to my user name, please?

Bill J.


@Bill_J that’s done for you.

(Mike B) #308

And another one: please change mine to Michael_b if available



Sorry Michael_B is already taken.

(Mike B) #311

Many thanks for the almost instantaneous reply!

No good with lower case b?

Otherwise how about Mike_b or Ponkbutler?


@Mike_B that’s done for you.

(Mike B) #313

Many thanks!

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(Scott) #314

Please change my username to Archer

(Andrew Cox) #315

Archer already taken sorry, try searching names to find a unique one.

(Poorbadger) #316

Could you please change me to poorbadger?

Thank you!

(Andrew Cox) #317

Done, said the marvellous Mr. Toad.

(Mark) #318

Literally just been reading Wind In The Willows to my son, try to get a couple of pages in each night.

Please don’t change my name either :coffee:

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(Poorbadger) #319

Thank you, @andybob!


Please change me to mktmkt.


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(Greg Stratton) #321


Cheers, Greg

(Ben) #322

Please change mine to Benb or some variant thereof please