Changing Watched Folder Name

My music was sitting in a folder called Audirvana prior to using Roon, and i would like to Change the Watched Folder Name, and when I do Roon loses all the music files. If I point Roon to the folder with the new name it starts to relink all songs, but…I am afraid it will lose ALL of the metadata changes I have made and all the new album covers I imported manually. Can someone confirm one way or the other please?

There was talk on another thread about concerns about Roon having access to your data. Roon were thinking on keeping your data for this very problem, so your data changes can be linked to your account. This would mean that your changes would stay whatever computer you used as core, or whatever file name you have. All as I understand it. This would be good I think.

Edited – we have a bug here, and we are looking into it.

There’s a lot of the word SHOULD in there, and that is what scares me as I have done way to much work to lose it all.

I did exactly the same, copying my audrivana folder and not renaming when I trialed Roon. I asked about renaming at that time but like you thought there were too many shoulds and decided to wait until cloud back-up was rolled out.

This was a good call – we just did some additional testing on this case, and although it should work, it looks like we have a bug here.

We’re investigating now, so expect some follow up on this soon. Sorry about that guys!

I assume this has not been addressed in the latest update Mike?

Hey @Steve_Lees – looks like this question got overlooked while I was on vacation :sunrise: sorry about that :frowning:

We’ve done a lot of work in this area over the last week or so, but we’re putting the changes through a good deal of testing before they go live. This stuff will be way more robust with our next update, so sit tight – it’s coming soon.

Any update to this Mike?

Hi Steve,

Brian advised in this thread of the forthcoming bugfix release going into testing. The next thing we are likely to hear is an announcement of public release after testing has confirmed stability.

We have a major overhaul of the relevant functionality being tested right now and our next release will address the issues raised in this thread, as well some other issues related to how we track files and attach edits to them.

I spent a few hours today making edits and trying to lose them without success, so we’re feeling pretty good about these changes. Expect some documentation describing the “right way” to move content around as soon as the build is live.

Appreciate your patience here @Steve_Lees!

Great, thank you Mike.