Channel Imbalance using roon exclusive mode

I fired up roon on my office mac today, and noticed I have a channel imbalance favouring the left channel on my Kef X300A’s, no settings have changed since the last time I used it (maybe a week) When I checked the mac midi controller the channel sliders are showing the imballance but no adjustment is available, If I switch off roon exclusive all returns to normal. I am not using any upscaling or other controls in roon so can’t understand what has changed.

Hello @Howard_Dean,

Thanks for contacting support, can I please ask you to provide a screenshot of the Midi Controller settings and a screenshot of your Signal Path information so that we can take a look?


Well the good news is I’ve logged on to do some screen grabs and all has returned to normal, if I get a re occurrence I will update the thread. Thanks for the offer of assistance.

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