Channel Layout Question

In channel layout there is 2.0,5.1 and 7.1.Why is there no 2.1

Maybe you can map them, center to go to both L and R. Then you have multipliers of 2.1
Hope someone knows better

Is there any music recorded in 2.1? Isn’t 2.1 more a function of the amplifier or AVR device and the user’s speaker choice and setup? Is there a 2.1 DAC? I could be mistaken :man_shrugging:t2:


I did search for music in 2.1 prior to posting but for a 2.1 Dac I did not. Good idea. Anyway I was thinking more abstract as I did not fins (quick) a audio file in 2.1

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Audio media and transport protocols tend to support two, five, six, and/or eight channel modes. Three channel mode, which is what would be required for 2.1 channel layout, is not common in media and transport protocols. If a three channel mode is needed, it usually is implemented inside a five or six channel mode with digital silence on the unused channels.