Channel mapping

I’m playing with active crossovers and dsp. I’d love to take a stereo signal (2 channels), and map it (or ‘upmix’) it to 6 channels (stereo signal to sub, woofer, and tweeter). Then I’d like to apply a different DSP convolution to each 3 stereo streams, and then send the signal by USB or HDMI to a DAC capable of handling multiple channels.
I think one could play music on roon and send it to JRiver to do this mapping and convolution, but I’d rather keep it all in roon (and I have a NUC running ROCK, so I don’t think I can install Jriver on it).

There are possibly not enough options nor horsepower in roon’s dsp to do such multi channel things. Not sure what jriver does in this regard, but maybe a hardware based option would be better like MiniDSP 4x10hd or others.

I presently have Roon do DSP on 3 stereo signals playing to 3 different zones to 3 DACs (for sub, woofer, tweeter). Roon handles it fine. It’d just be better if it all went through 1 zone to 1 DAC.

Interesting…and the sync is fine over extended periods?

Maybe you could post something in #tinkering as to how you are doing this and with what hardware and speaker setups.

I use mainly speakers but have ASP setups.

There is a bit of variability (like 5/48000 sec). I haven’t tried to figure if it’s due to Roon or the non identical DACs (or the combo).

I don’t think it’d be audible, but it’d prefer a cleaner streamlined approach. I’m just experimenting with Audiolense to see if I like the sound better with time aligned sub, woofer and tweeter. If so I’ll look at buying equipment and doing a proper setup. I will need to figure out how to force Roon to play it all through 1 zone as 3 zones may fall out of sync.

I’ve looked at the Linkwitz website many times and been very curious to hear his speakers (May he Rest In Peace). I’ll try to describe what I did in #tinkering if it may help someone.

here’s the summary:

I’m involved with the same effort as you are. 2 channel to 7.1 out. I’m using a ExaSound 8 channel DAC with Audiolense filter. The mapping I’ve used in AudioLense does a great job with Roon pushing out the 4-way speaker mapping.

I’m trying to use a stereo or mono test track to provide gain matching in the 8 Chan DAC

So I have Roon configured for 7.1 and send stereo/mono to 7.1

All I get is two channels with content on them.

Do you have any insights here
Thank you

@Badbruno, Use the procedural mix function.
Select the appropriate input (Left / Right) for all appropriate outputs. Done.

For example:

Look at a multichannel dac like the Motu Ultralite Mk5.
Roon will do everything you need. Mix/routing, independent FIR or IIR, multi zone, etc.

I would personally use FIR, Roon’s procedural engine is not setup like a traditional speaker manager.

I have a ticket in:

Roon won’t hold identical sync between zones.
Roon have confirmed this on a number of threads.

You will also have clock drift between the dac’s unless a common clock is used.

You would be better using a multi channel DAC.
Eka sound, Motu, Okto, RME, etc.

Grizaudio Thank you Very Much for the direction Wonderful!
I very much Appreciate It !!

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