Channel routing

I’m just trying out Roon 1.3 but I couldn’t use all 4 channels (quadrophonic, double-stereo… whatever you call it) of my sound card:

My setup consists 2 stereo power amplifiers, they drive my speakers high and low frequencies separately (bi-amp). So I have full control on loudspeakers’ tweeters and woofers.

I make it happen with some other softwares. like Vox and Fidelia:

or routing outside of players with Loopback:

I’ve searched out such functionality in Roon. Tried DSP:

but Roon assumes my device is absolutely 2.0 and always down mixes:

Is there any way to achieve it, or do you plan to add such configuration option?

Thanks in advance.


ps: HQplayer can be configured to do this, I know but don’t wanna buy another software and make the digital path more complicated.