Channels Reversed on a certain Album

Hi. I have a very curious problem. Using roon server on a mac with USB directly to the DAC of the Parasound P6… all is fine. no pops or sounds when changing sample rates or to DSD, which by the way plays fine… I also dont use any DSP.
Today I listend to an album in DSD (ripped) and the channels where reversed.(I know this cause through tidal they are right on. At first I though its ripping or the DSD ISO i ripped from. No cause I listed to both on another mac with audirvana and all was OK. Then i listed to the same thing (the dsd files) from roon but to another mac as endpoint. again channels correct. All I can think is the the parasound reverses channels when playing directly dsd? If its just this album no prob… but I have a lot to DSDs. Please help

Update: This must be the case, cause when I change to convert to PCM the channel are OK… But I have a LOT of DSDs which I am guessing have been hearing with switch channels

I have never come across this problem with any of my >2000 SACD rips. Very strange.

On a Parasound P6? I Tried with an iFi DAC and there was no issue. I think the problem is the Parasound. Your thoughts and help welcome

No. A P7 and other preamps. Also, without a preamp.

Thanks, I also tried with other dacs and have no problem. But thats why I got the P6… so I could have a decent all in one package. Ive contacted Parasound and they said they are looking into it.
Thanks again and will keep the community posted.

I’m thinking of getting a P6. Did Parasound resolve this for you? Thanks.

Hi, Yes it was resolved by Parasound.

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Is it a user-installable firmware fix?

No the unit had to shipped to Parasound.

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Hey Dimitrios,

I have the same pre and exactly the same problem. Can you help me with the contact info to Parasound?