Character limit in Tag names?[Ticket In]

Is there a character limit? Does creating a tag and then changing its name create a character limit? I have a couple of tags that I renamed, and there appears to be a character limit that is less than what I can do if I create a tag from scratch.

@support that sounds like a doosey for the boys :smiley:

Thanks guys (@James_I and @James_I)! I have our tech team looking into this behavior and will update accordingly as the team makes progress.

As always, your patience is appreciated!

Hi @James_I ---- Thank you for your patience here. Our tech team has asked if you could please provide “before” and “after” screenshots from when you notice this behavior. So in short the team wants to see a tag you’ve created and then what happens when you try changing the name.

Additionally, having some steps (procedurally speaking) would also be very appreciated!


Hi Eric - see below…

The first Tag below is one I created as a test with a deliberately short name.

Edit Tag name:

This is as many characters as are accepted:

But if I create a new Tag, there appears to be no limit – many more characters are in this and it is just scrolling to the left when I keep typing.

See what I mean?

Thanks @James_I, the feedback is appreciated and I do see what you mean. Passing over to our techs for further testing.


OK great. This obviously is not a crippling issue. If I really cared to I could just re-tag the contents. But I thought it best to identify what looks like a bug.

+1 on this. Noticed this also. 25 ch limit when editing, yet unlimited when creating. Whatever you do, don’t consolidate the system on a limit; unlimited is good!! :slight_smile:

Hi, @James_I, @Sallah_48, thanks for you observations, we put a ticket for our dev team.