Chasing sound quality with Denon AVR

If I am using a Denon AVR to connect the speakers and with the sound files on Network Storage (Core either on Mac or QNAP), any recommendation (e.g. purchasing any hardware) that I can control the Bit Depth Conversion and having the bluestar on the Signal Path (i.e. no more dropping from loseless to high quality)?

P.S. I am still enjoying the high quality but I just want to know the ultimate way for sound quality.

If you don’t have USB on the AVR the simplest way is to connect using HDMI audio.

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I managed to play FLAC using the HDMI on QNAP directly and get the sound quality but not the DSD as it said “An audio file is loading slowly”.

I am newbie in USB DAC, what recommendation I can use to load the DSD (which some files have 11MHz sample rate) properly?

I use a Denon AVR-4311 in my home office. You can get the blue star by using a simple Raspberry PI (with a HiFiBerry hat), and connecting it to your Denon via Toslink or digital coaxial cable.

Works great.

PS - I doubt that the Denon can use DSD.