Cheap Good Sounding Roon Endpoint (~150$ Including Speaker)

If anyone is interested in creating a decent sounding, but reasonably priced endpoint, here is my parts list. Still working on making it look pretty, but sounds good! ~150$ a piece including speaker.

PI Model 3 - 39$

X400 (IQaudio clone) - 30$

Power Supply - 8$

Polk Audio RTI A1 Bookshelf Speakers - 150$ pair (warehouse deals) or 75$ each

I am faux bi amping the speakers by mono to the two sets of posts for about 40 watt per speaker. The setup is running raspbian w/ the roon bridge software. I have 4 set up so far and they work pretty flawless, also using them for various linux automation functionality. Sounds good and can fill a room at 30% volume. Two cover about 1k sq ft downstairs.

For local control I have a cheap ($20 on ebay) Amazon fire tablet mounted on top.


Clever. :+1:
Thanks for sharing. I particularly like the dirt cheap control!

24V DC into a Raspberry Pi? That can’t be right?

[edit] Oh, I see . . . the X400 supplies power to RPI. That is a very flexible DAC board! Bravo. :slight_smile:

What is faux bi amping?