Cheap Integrated Amp with USB for Roon

I"m looking for a cheap desktop amp that can connect via USB to a Android phone using a Dragonfly DAC to stream Roon. I shouldnt need a remote as I can control volume via Roon. I found this one that has a USB-C connection. Would I be able to run a USB-C to USB via the dragonfly to Android to stream?

Also any other cheap Amps with USB connection recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

@David_Burkholder The Dragonfly DAC is going to output an analog signal via a 3.5mm headphone-style cable, which can connect to that amp’s RCA input with an easy-to-find adapter. That should work, in effect making the amp with its speakers take the place of a pair of headphones. If you skip the Dragonfly and go with a USB cable from Android to amp, that might work. Haven’t tried that kind of thing myself.

I realized that right after I posted. I always overthink connections. I dont beleive it is bit perfect out of android though.

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