Cheap RAAT-enabled wifi speaker?

Hi all,

Was just wondering whether anyone had some ideas for a cheap (ideally less than £250), small, wall-mountable, RAAT-enabled wifi speaker to go in a small but noisy kitchen? I’d happily consider an RPi combo if that made sense, though the less wires and gadgets the better. Needs to be RAAT as will be grouped with another nearby zone.

The BS Flex is the obvious option and sounds good to me. However BS devices seem to have an objection to my WiFi (unlike every other device), plus I’ve had some other issues with an existing Flex.

Any thoughts welcome! Thanks.

1 Like Boss + Volt + passive speaker

or Boss + Edifier R1280DB Active Speakers

RPi-3 IQAudIO DigiAMP+ + passive speaker (or 2) 19V SMPS all from and got sale on now too :slight_smile: … Running

I use several of these around the house and works like a charm


i have very good results too with digiamp+ however one still needs to buy a speakers to connect it to :slight_smile:

i am using it with dynaudio audience42 speakers and also the 7" rpi touch display with ropieee software in my mans cave :wink:

Hi all,

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts - looks like RPi + passive speaker may be the way to go - anyone have any experience of small speakers in this price bracket? The smaller the better (to maintain domestic harmony)! @maniac the dynaudio look really good but a bit large for this and slightly over budget. @seagull - have you heard the Edifier? On the face of it looks like you get a lot for the money?

I have not heard the Edifier. I’m using a pair of Dali Fazon SATs with an Boss + Volt,

Hmm, the Dali Fazon Sats do look very good for their size.

In case others are interested I think I might go for the Qacoustics 7000LRi - they seem reasonably reviewed, the right size and just about in budget with an RPi amp/DAC. If anyone has any experience of them I’d welcome your thoughts.

The Dali Fazon SATs sound good and can be easily fixed to the wall or even to the ceiling.