Cheap Roon Endpoint with Wi-Fi

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I want to repurpose an old ampli to use with Roon in a secondary audio zone. I would stream the data from my SonicOrbiter via wi-fi, as I do not have an ethernet outlet close to the ampli. Hence I am looking for a Roon endpoint that has both streamer and DAC capabilities, and that can feed into the Yamaha ampli via RCA or optical (or other connection). I have been looking into the RPi4 + DAC route, including using Allo or HiFiBerry as DACs/players, but am not clear on whether this solution would work with wi-fi, and if yes, what OS to use (and I would need some help in understanding what components to buy). I am not opposed to a single, all-in-one solution that delivers but have not found one yet (or definitely not at the price point I am prepared to commit to, which is below $200). Ideally I would use the same endpoint also to allow guests to stream their music (e.g. Spotify, which I don’t use, or random web sites)

Is there any solution that the community would recommend?



RPi with RoPieee works fine with wi-fi. If you need Spotify, you can use RoPieee XL.

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Pi’s with Wifi are “OK” but require a good signal at the Pi location. The problem with Pi Wifi is no external antenna so the ant is actually embedded on the board. Absolutely requires a plastic case as putting it in a metal case will reduce signal even further.

I have a single Pi I can Wifi and limit to 16/44.1 and it works fine but the signal strength at that location is strong and consistent and my Pi is not in a case. I use a HiFiBerry DAC HAT and it’s “OK” but works perfect for a bedroom / small background system.

If signal strength is an issue, one can use a wi-fi dongle with the Pi.

Thanks to both. I do have a Netgear USB wi-fi dongle - if I plug it onto the Pi, will it be recognized and work immediately, or do I need to do any setup?

That’s not my experience. I have my Pi4 in a Flirc metal case and it works perfectly on my WiFi 5G, without hiccups ever.

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You should first try without any dongles. If it doesn’t work, you can try the one you have. If it doesn’t work, there are other inexpensive options.

Thanks! Would something like the Boss Player work as a standalone device bridge + DAC? Can I plug a USB wifi dongle onto it? Any recommendations on what OS to go for? (I think they give the choice between Moode and Allo GUI).

[quote=“ipeverywhere, post:3, topic:190999, full:true”]. Absolutely requires a plastic case as putting it in a metal case will reduce signal even further.

I bought an Argon case for my RPi4, which is a metal case (bought to deal with overheating issues) and I have no WiFi issues at all.

Most WiFi issues are often the WiFi network and not always the RPi4

Raspberry Pi 4 with RoPieee is an excellent solution. Cheap and easy to setup.

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