Cheap Roon Endpoint

You’re clearly not a photographer. You can’t view a RAW file, only a JPG after editing and conversion of the RAW file. RAW file vs JPG out of camera is a different matter entirely - the RAW file has the full 12 or 14 bit image data which allows for shadow/highlight recovery before converting to JPG whereas the JPG is a ‘baked’ 8 bit file where ‘clipped’ shadow and highlight detail are lost forever. The RAW file still has to be edited and converted to JPG before it can be viewed outside of a RAW editor.

Full disclosure - my RS3617xs hosted Roon Core was originally a photo file server to deal with hundreds of thousands of RAW files from 3 Nikon D800s when I was a paid 'tog.


Unless we’re talking about JPEG2000, of course.

Talk about spinning off-topic…

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Well good morning everyone :grinning:

As the OP, I hope this little ‘domestic’ is now behind us, and we can return to the original topic. :wink:

I have decided on a RPi 4 with a DAC2 HD. However, the two retailers that have been kindly suggested, have limited stocks of what I need. One hasn’t got the RPi power supply, the other hasn’t got the metal black case to house the two modules. Would prefer to get it all from the same retailer for various reasons.

Apart from Amazon, The Pi Hut and HiFiBerry, is there another retailer?

Thanks guys


Just before Christmas I built a Roon Endpoint using RPi 4 and HiFiBerry DAC2 HD board.
I used the HighPi Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Case.
It works a treat in my headphone system.
I bought all the parts from The Pi Hut.
Good luck


In case you haven’t seen this thread -

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So Darko and Hans both looking at Roon endpoints at different ends of the market, and both were quite interesting in their own ways.

Though I think the Polyvection looks very interesting for people who do not want to play with a raspberry pi or feel it’s too much work (plenty of people in these forums).
Could open up a new market for people who do not want to go down the Sonos or Airpod route or who have old Amps.

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I’m a little surprised no one’s mentioned the Allo Boss Player.

I use Asus Tinkerboard (better hardware than Raspberry Pi), and Volumio (Download |Get Started | Volumio). Volumio has Roon endpoint as a plugin. Using USB to my DAC.

Sadly, JPEG2000 was ahead of its time - the hardware of the day simply wasn’t up to it. The underpinning technology is still used in many commercial applications, though.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that gave me their kind advice in relation to my post.

I have taken the plunge and purchased a RPi 4, Official RPi 4 power supply, HiFiBerry DAC2 HD, HighPi, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Case and 32Gb Samsung Micro SD card.

Everything arrived this afternoon, and by 4.30pm, Bowie was thumping out of my Kudos Titan 606s. :+1:

It was ridiculously easy! The hardest part was attaching the plastic spacers/supports between the RPi 4 and the HiFiBerry DAC2 HAT! :smiley:

RoPieee downloaded to my iMac, then loaded to the SD card without issue.

Roon recognised it immediately…A bit unsure of the MQA settings, as I don’t think the DAC supports it?

I have to say, the top shelf of my rack looks a tad bare, compared to when I had the Bartók! :laughing:

Job done…Thanks everyone :clap:


Shame about the Bartok.

Wondering how you think the SQ compares using the RPi w/DAC HAT.

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I heard the difference immediately. The new temporary setup is not a patch on the Bartók. But then what does one expect, £157 versus £11,499

Not sure if the RPi and the HiFiBerry DAC will sound better over time?


Glad to hear all went well.

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Glad to see you found a solution, for anyone who is using a dac and is looking for a solution for a very cheap yet extremely capable roon endpoint an android box works very well.

But it’s not really an Android box any more after you put CoreElec on it, is it? It’s an ARM running Linux and Roon Bridge, do I understand that correctly? Much like a Pi running RoPieee?

Correct, however, you will be sideloading it to an SD card meaning the android portion of the android box is retained if you ever need it. It is very similar to running on a PI with RoPiee but in my testing boots up much quicker and is not susceptible to the same corruption issues that plague the PI with improper shutdowns. It also has the added benefit of being able to be used with HDMI Receivers for multi-channel output as well as toslink/coax dacs provided the box supports these ports. Corelec also has the added benefit of being able to be used as a dlna renderer as well. In my country these boxes are also about 1/5 the price of a Rasberry PI.

Wow! 1/5! Cool, and it may be a better design than the Pi, as well. We should probably look at more of these boxes.

I highly recommend it, they are extremely reliable and have the added benefit of being able to upgrade the power supply if one desires. Also, the fact that it is not USB-powered means it sounds cleaner out of the box. Although I imagine a PI with a good hat might do it better. For context, I now use a bluesound node 2i and in all honesty, there isn’t much if any improvement to sound when using an external dac. The cheapest and guaranteed-to-work well box I have tested and used is the mxq pro 4k running an s905 processor.

My Apple TV now shows up as an endpoint! Not the best sound quality but handy for party mode