Cheaper second licence

Wouldn’t it make sense to offer an additional licence at reduced cost to all your lifetime subscribers?

That would be great! I still run JRiver in the office and at the cabin. I have already bought two licenses.

Yes if they could be more like Audi who give you your second a6 half price.



I thought everyone bought German cars in pairs so that they have one to drive while the other is being “maintained”?


Whilst there are circumstances where multiple licences are necessary it is very easy to swap a single licence between locations.

I have a pair of ROCK NUCs running in two locations. I merely log in and deauthorize the other to get music wherever I am. It even seems to me that the NUC that is not authorised still scans for new music.

Whilst it would seem fair, imho, to offer a reduced cost for multiple licenses to a single subscriber, what’s to stop people giving 2nd/3rd/4th licenses to friends and family who would possibly have bought one at full cost?

Maybe better to consider just that, a “friends and family package” which many services offer, allowing upto, say 4 or 5 multiple users attributed to one account to benefit from their own Roon Core; say for 200 or 250 usd per year.

I am sure Roon considers such sales & marketing issues very carefully.

Yet another car analogy? What is it with Roon that makes one think it’s correct to compare any pricing structure proposed with the new car market?

Apologies if I’m driving you crazy with the cars analogies, it must be al the references to advanced transport that gets me going through the gears.



So, it’s not because of Roon exploring the Automotive market with Vehicular Roon, or Vroon?

For me its a surprise that Users are against cheeper prices.
Kind of Stockholm Syndrom.
Seeing this its no surprise then that the weirdest political movements gain a lot of votes, all with the craziest justifications.

Just gimme my $200!

Wouldn’t accessing your Roon core via a VPN solve all the issues of not having a second license for the office? I believe it allready has been done but I haven’t looked into it personally.