Cheapest endpoint

Pretty much as it says. If I want just a cheap endpoint to drive an existing pre amp input, and most likely via WiFi, what’s out there for It’s for a second system, so does not need to have an internal amp, HDD etc…and preferably quite small!

Google Chromecast (Audio)

Ah, yes. I should have been a little more specific!

End point, including a DAC that has RCA single ended outputs!

A raspberry pi with a cheap hat, such as: HIFIBERRY DAC+ STANDARD – RCA VERSION


Still, Google Chromecast (Audioà
You need to make use of an RCA splitter suc as:


Your second Amazon link is for a 6.25mm to phono. That would require another adaptor for the CCA, which is 3.5mm jack.

Something like this would be Better.

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I built a similar one, using a transparent case from Amazon. It was easy and worked perfectly the first time. Connected to my Yamaha receiver and sounds lovely.