Cheapest Roon Core hardware if only streaming Tidal

I have put my much loved ripped collection of music out to pasture and now use only Tidal HiFi and Masters and a couple of other streaming services.

I know the smaller your library the more modest a machine to run Core you need. But, how light can I go if I’m only using Tidal? Could I get away with a Raspberry Pi solution for example?

Light and headless that I can plug in and leave running is optimal.


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I’d get an i3 NUC and run ROCK - super simple to set up.

More info here:

Thanks. That’s a great kit but not inexpensive in Canada and seems like overkill for my use case of only streaming Tidal. Curious about other solutions for folks who only stream. Would be great if Roon weighed in on this from a technical standpoint. For example, a cheap Pi type option would drive new users to Roon.

I don’t believe it takes any less power to run roon with streaming only vs local files. It’s the weight of the database and processing that requires the “juice”. Local vs tidal doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t drop below the recommended hw.