Cheapest way to stream with Roon in the UK

My question relates to streaming in the UK.

I’m a Roon lifetime purchaser. I’ve done a year of Tidal and several years of Qobuz, but as my kids have grown up, we’ve had to subscribe to Spotify Family, which means I’m running multiple streaming subscriptions simultaneously. I’m currently almost at the end of a year of Qobuz sublime, and was hoping the Qobuz price reduction was coming to the UK, but there’s no sign of it so far. In early February, I am going to have to make a decision.

At this point, I’m prepared to compromise on non-lossless audio. I just need some way to keep Roon streaming, as cheaply as possible. What do people recommend?

Well, currently Roon supports a local library, tidal, and qobuz, so your options are kinda set.

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You could use the Tidal family plan and scrap Spotify or if the kids are at college or Uni they can get a student discount on Spotify


I put the Tidal account on the wives details and took I think it was a £5 for 5 months offer which saved a few bob over the year.

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Oh great, I didn’t know Tidal did a family plan. I will see what my kids think, that’s a good idea.

Thanks @Phil_Ryan how did you find this offer?

I am in a similar situation. Why not use Spotify only do discover music and buy CD with the saved Tidal&Qobuz money and bring them into Roon via full ITunes rips (or else). That buys you 10 to 20 Cds a year…

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Thanks Joachim, a good bit of lateral thinking, but I find Roon really helps with discovery, so it’s nice to have the streaming integrated.

Hers an example, best to use a browser that’s not got any tidal cookies or linked accounts

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