Checking for roon core

At a general glance, IPV4 & IPV6 Multicast Streams would only be used for advanced networking setups. Please get back to us if you notice any change with other devices after this configuration. I don’t feel comfortable doing this. Should I buy a new router?

Hi @Mattkimb96,

Let’s try a simpler test if you don’t feel comfortable with this option. On the “Choose your Core” screen, a “Help” button should appear after the Core is not discovered for a minute or two. Can you try clicking the Help button and manually inputting the IP of the Core? Does it connect via the manual IP?

I had a similar experience using android tablet. Went to google store, looked up roon remote app and found an update that did not auto update. Ran it and issue went away for me.

Ok I will try that…in the meantime I downloaded Audirvana and it is working fine…

Did not have to try this…when I logged in this morning I got right through.

Music is now streaming.


Hi @Mattkimb96,

Glad to hear that music is playing as expected now! If you run into any further issues, please do feel free to reach out to us again!

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