“Checking for update”

This message, which never seems to resolve, always appears for the Roon server? And though a new version seems to have been released recently (build 505) I am at 500. Is this due to the Nucleus lagging?

Hi @stevebythebay,

Update 505 should have been live for a while already, can you try rebooting your Nucleus via the Web UI and let me know if that changes anything? If this doesn’t change anything, are there any new firewalls which you activated in the router recently?

Seems that rebooting the Nucleus “woke” it up to the fact that a new version was available. I’d not done anything to any firewall (only use an Eero mesh network between the Nucleus and my ISP (Netfinity/Comcast). Link is Nucleus - Uptone EtherREGEN switch - Eero wifi access point (mesh network) - Arris/Motorola cable modem. The only settings I’m aware of on the Eero are:
UPnP (set on) along with IP reservation (which I’ve done for the Nucleus) and port forwarding which has not been enabled for the Nucleus.

In any case, the reboot and install of the new version worked and when I opened “About” it showed 505 for both the client and server and no longer was “Checking for Update” seemingly running endlessly. It ran for a second and finally settled on “You have the latest version installed”, as it should.

Hi @stevebythebay,

Glad to hear that the reboot resolved the issue! I’m going to go ahead and close out this thread, but any other issues you may have just let us know!

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