Checking my ROON history: a system bug or other people using my account?

I’m a happy user of ROON, enjoying the wealth of music almost every day.

The last couple of days, when checking my history, I noticed all kind of tracks definitely NOT selected by myself. It looks like “my” ROON is continuously streaming music. Is this a bug ? Or even worse: a hack ?

Note after discovering, I did change both my ROON and linked Qobuz passwords (without success regarding the issue described above).

Do you have Roon Radio enabled?

I know I have gone out and turned off my preamp but left my dac on and forgot to stop Roon and with Radio enabled it just kept on playing random tracks.

Check all your zones. Sounds like music might be playing on a zone that doesn’t have an active sound system turned on.

Hello Bert, welcome to the forum. With the term history, I assume you mean the history within Roon and not the history that is visible in the Qobuz app?
If the suspicious tracks are visible in Roon’s history, than it must be Roon Radio that is playing while your audio system is turned off. Or maybe someone else in your household is playing to another zone.
Nothing to worry about in this case.
But if the suspicious tracks only show up in Qobuz, then this account is probably hacked.

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