Checking NUC purchase before I buy

Intel NUC NUC7i3BNH Mini PC/HTPC, Intel Dual-Core i3-7100U 2.4GHz, 8GB DDR4, 128GB SSD to run ROCK and a Samsung 860 EVO 500GB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD to store my library of about 250GB.


  1. Am I correct that that equipment will work?
  2. Should I install the second SSD before or after converting to ROCK or does it not matter?
  3. I’ve found instructions for migrating my library from a computer where it was already used as a core, but my library is on an external HD. How do I get it from there to the NUC?


Question 3 restated: My library is on an external HD and has never been used as ROON Core. How do I get it properly on to the new internal SSD? Thanks.

looks right.

best to install ROCK w/ 1 SSD, and then install second and format. Less likely to make an error this way.

copy it over SMB, to \ROCK\Data\Storage\InternalStorage (once you have internal drive installed and formatted using the web ui)

the 128GB SSD needs to be M.2 type interface

This KB page sets out the network copying procedure described by Danny in more detail.

I use drag and drop for new additions.

Thank you. It was not.

Thanks for everyone’s quick response. Glad I checked.

The NUCs have 2 drive interfaces…normally one would use the M.2 for a boot drive with as small as possible drive there for ROCK use. 64gb is about as small as you can get but hard to find now.

The other Sata 2.5” drive connection you would use for a data drive to store music, but this has to be formatted by the ROCK interface so don’t put your music drive in there unless you have the same files backed up elsewhere to recopy over.

If you plan on doing any DSP or upsampling and can afford it, get NUC7i7DNHE instead.

steer clear of the opthane memory tho…and don’t go less than 64GB for the M.2 ROCK OS install just in case you think might be able to find smaller

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