Checking ROCK storage disc for errors

Is this possible? If so, how can I do it?

By way of explanation, I had what I think was a disc error with one track. I’d like to ensure there aren’t any more.

Also, does anyone know how bad sectors etc are dealt with? Does Rock (or Linux) quarantine them?

Thanks in advance


How do you know it was a disc error?

I believe (but that might be wrong) that it is the job of the drive firmware to deal with this and all drives come with spare blocks to make up for loss through bad blocks. As the number of spare blocks is limited, a failing disk will at some time no longer be able to replace bad blocks. S.M.A.R.T. software can be used to monitor disks and inform users about problems with their disks, but AFAIK it’s not implemented in ROCK. And to be honest, if it were, nobody (where nobody >= 99 % of the user base) would regularly check the ROCK Administration page for the disk status. User activity usually starts when things no longer work (as expected). Do/keep backups and you’re prepared should a disk fail.

Note: Monitoring tools have to recognize the disk for proper operation. As many new disks get released over time, implementing that in ROCK would lead to a need for (very) frequent updates just to keep up with new disks (but one would obviously always be a step behind).

And to follow on from BlackJack, IF you are the kind of user who does want to track data like Smart drive errors, and/or internal temps, etc., then you should use a standard Linux version (Ubuntu for example) or Windows OS which will allow you to do those things, since ROCK is locked down.

If you know which track, it may be a good idea to validate the media file for errors.

Thanks for your suggestion, Martin.

The file itself is fine - I’ve played the file on other media without difficulty. I also deleted it and recopied it when I had the error and it worked from then.

I also checked the log file (it made for amusing reading, the developers have a sense of humour!) and there was clearly an issue waiting for a response from the disc.

So, I’m pretty confident it was a disc error. The drive is new - if it’s defective in a real way, I’ll get it replaced under warranty.

I haven’t found any other songs with problems, but I don’t play a lot from the drive (as opposed to Tidal). Hence, I’d like to do a disc check.


To check the drive, I suggest you download a live Linux boot image such as Ubuntu Live-CD or Live-USB. You’ll then be able to interrogate the disk’s SMART features.

Check your disk’s health using the Disks application

  1. Open Disks from the Activities overview.
  2. Select the disk you want to check from the list of storage devices on the left. Information and status of the disk will be shown.
  3. Click the menu button and select SMART Data & Self-Tests…. The Overall Assessment should say “Disk is OK”.
  4. See more information under SMART Attributes, or click the Start Self-test button to run a self-test.
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Thanks, Martin - much appreciated. Will give it a go

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Just a coincidence perhaps, but I also got a S.M.A.R.T error on a new ssd for a new Roon Rock installation. I just sent the disk back thinking it was faulty, but perhaps the errors are due to the way the Rock software deals with bad disk blocks. If this happens again, I’ll try to check the disk first with disk utility. Thanks for sharing this information.

Can I ask how you found these log files?