Chet Baker in New York

Chet Baker in New York is a 1958 album on the Riverside label (and included in the soon-to-be-released box set Chet Baker: the Legendary Riverside Albums). I added Chet Baker in New York to my library tonight, forced a rescan, and now see it under my recently added albums as Chet Baker in the Big Apple, a 2012 compilation on the Chameleon label with the same tracks.

How do I get Roon to display the correct album title, artwork, and metadata/info?

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Where did you add it from? I just added it from Qobuz and all was good.

BTW - Thanks for the suggestion.

OK, I get it. You added it from a CD.

Did you try this?

I just tried it and it gives me several suggestions. One of which is correct and one is the version you got.

It’s a ripped CD.

I just noticed that the label in dBPoweramp is listed as Ojc and not Riverside. I corrected the label, rescanned it, and now all is well. :slight_smile:

Today’s lesson learned: pay closer attention to the autoloaded metadata.

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I just saw the rest of your post. I will look around at the editing function (as I’m getting below the surface level having used and enjoyed Roon for the last half year or so).

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Yes, when using dbpoweramp, I always verify and tweak the three metadata source contents before ripping. Of course, after ripping I bounce the tagged files against MusicBrainz before pushing them to their designated folder. :wink:

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