Chinese metadata: how do I get transcription in latin characters?

Could you please advise whether there is a way to identify the names in latin characters of artists/tracks for those albums/tracks where the metadata is only in Chinese ? See example above.

As it is impossible to “select” and “copy” the data (at least on my 2019 iMac, running OSX 11.5.2), I am at a loss to find how to pronounce the artist name, or find any information about her.

Thank you for any help!

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I just right clicked to turn on Google image search and that way you always find something. Google also translates into all languages.

Chen Jia, KEI, was born in Beijing. She has learned piano and received classical music training for three years. As a member of the Children’s and Youth Choir of the China National Symphony, China, she performed with the group in various countries.

During college, KEI did not choose music as her major. Instead, she chose finance and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of International Business and Economics, China. She later studied abroad and earned her master’s degree from the University of Hamburg, Germany.

After graduation, KEI worked in the investment banking department of a securities company. However, her passion for music remains. Ever since KEI was little, an extraordinary feeling connects with Ms. Teresa Teng, especially the similarity of her voice. Coincidentally, her online voice clip was discovered by Ms. Teresa Teng’s brother. In 2012, she joined the Teresa Teng Foundation, quit her well-paying job, and began her journey to music.

During these years, she has performed not only in mainland China, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Asia. More and more people are deeply touched by her singing. In 2017, she started her personal concert tour and performed in more than 20 cities in mainland China.

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Thanks for the music recommendation. I am enjoying it right now