Choice of music

Something that certainly happens to all or some of us.
What or who are we going to listen to today, something we heard or talked about at work, or something that was on the radio at home, or really focused on one particular group, artist or album.
Over the years most of us have ripped their collection of CDs to hard disk or nas, and we suddenly discovered that we have a huge choice and sometimes it is hard to choose.
I myself sometimes also find it difficult to choose for that reason I use an excel file so I can use a random selection with results in surprising discoveries from my own collection.
wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do this from the app? What do you think ?+roonrandom

Have you played around with the “Discover” feature? I think it delivers - at least some of - the experience you’re asking for.

Yes, useful, this also gave me the idea of the random selection which I have been using for a long time with my own file

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I think you can achieve something of what you want by going to Albums, selecting the Shuffle Drop-Down and choosing Start Radio.

no need to go to start radio, shuffle is sufficient, then you go from the song (from randomly chosen album) to the album.
Not as nice or to the point as my proposal, but it works.