Choose a backup folder



i would like to create a backup!
But canot find a folder?
How can i do that?
I have 3 partitions on my remote pc?
But Roon do not edit one of them, only dropbox?


i can not take away genres like religion or children?
Please help.
I do hear never, ever any children or religion muisic !!!

Thanks a lot,


Please help me

You need to add a network share. Click on the ‘+’ and follow the instructions. You’ll need to have network sharing (netzwerkfreigabe) enabled on your remote PC.


thank you for informations.
I tried with network folders or partitions on a hard drive and i was successful.
The shared drives or partitions are of course the same as those on the PC.

Why it has to be network drives and not existent partitions or a second or third hard drive on the PC or even a USB hard drive, this does not make sense to me.

But what does it mean, that’s the way it is :slight_smile:

don’t you have any idea how to hide the unwanted genre on the display?
I’ve already tried hide under settings but genres such as religion or child are still displayed ???

I already understand Roon’s philosophy, but there should be the option to fade out these genres.

Have fun with music and Roon,
Matthias from Karlsruhe / Germany

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You posted in the ROCK category, so I am assuming your Core runs ROCK. In this case, the only way it can access folders on your PC is using a file share. What may be confusing, is that you access your Core using Roon on a PC. However, this is remotely accessing the Core (ROCK) which only has access to the local filesystem and Dropbox.

I think it would be better if you post this question in a new thread in the Support category, so it gets the correct level of attention. Otherwise, it will be lost under the original title and thread.

Hi Martin
you are right.
I use ROCK / Linux on a itx board…
I use a Nuc pc, a Windows Dell Laptop and a android smartphone to remote ROCK and it works fine.

Only it is fail with iOS.
I tried a apad mini 5, but it did not work very well.
The forum know this…
I selled the ipad…

Now i have understood because of network partitions or folders.
It is because i use ROCK on a separate pc / itx board.
That is logical.

Thank`s a lot,


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