Choose fields for Excel export

Is there a way to take influence of what fields are written to the Excel export file?

If I make a Excel export off all my albums, I would like to see the ‘composer’ in the Excel file.

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I’m interested, too.

You can’t export Tidal provided metadata, see

If you have manually added a composer via the three dots edit facility, the composer is exported.


I would like to revive this. I recently exported my albums to Excel for the first time, with the specific goal of having a spreadsheet to see what releases I was missing from a certain label. Well, no label info available. I’m fine with the current option remaining as a default, but so much of the power of Roon is in the metadata. It would be a huge help to export:

  • Record label/publisher
  • Catalog number

EDIT: Apologies, I did not see this was in the software section. I will create a thread in Feature Requests.