Choose Music Storage Folder / Add Network Share - Newbie question

I have just installed Roon ROCK on a NUC8i3 and linked it to my Tidal account. Working well. But I can’t get it to “see” my ripped CDs which are on a Synology NAS.

I am not sure whether the problem is the Network Share Location format, or something with my LAN / NAS.

I can interact with my NAS via 192.168.2.[xx]:5000, and can sign in fine. The Music folder is …\Volume1\Music

But within macOS Finder, under Locations > xyz_NAS I am unable to Connect As… to the NAS. The same happens if I go to Locations > Network > xyz_NAS

Any ideas where I am going wrong? I am also not clear about whether I should be using \host\share or smb://host/share also.

I have read the Knowledgebase article but I seem to be unable to bring up any “share” submenus…


Hi Julian,

Take a read of this FAQ:'m_having_trouble_setting_up_my_NAS

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Brilliant - thank you so much for your help. I am now sorted and good to go! @Rugby

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