Choose music storage folder - windows 10 shows empty screen

Roon Core Machine

I have installed ROCK on an intel NUC I5, 4GB DDR, 128GB SSD. RoonOS 1.0 build 227 (latest version)
On my Windows 10 laptop I have installed Roon version 1.8 build 831 (latest version)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

The intel NUC and the windows 10 laptop are both connected to local network by wire.

Connected Audio Devices

ROCK installed on Intel NUC
Roon installed on Windows 10 laptop.

Number of Tracks in Library

Empty. I am trying to add music.

Description of Issue

Complete newbee here !
Now when i try to add music to my library by clicking the ADD FOLDER button, the “Choose music storage folder” window appears. But the screen stays empty ! I cannot choose a folder.

Your Roon Core is on your Intel NUC. Because you have used ROCK to install the Roon Core, the NUC is running Roon OS on your 128GB SSD. You can’t use that SSD for storing music, if you want to use the NUC to hold music files, then you will need to install a SATA HDD/SSD in the NUC - and then only if you have a NUC model that you can fit the extra drive into it.

Otherwise, you will have to hold the music files on a networked storage device. This could be your Windows laptop. You will need to create a shared folder on the laptop at the location of your music…

Surely they could add a local USB drive to the nuc as well?
Like a 2tb HDD or SSD .
Providing the nuc has a spare USB port.
That’s what I used to do with a nuc i3 running ROCK.
I was then able to add music over the network to said drive from windows as well.
Just another option.:innocent:

Of course, you’re right - adding a USB drive to the NUC would also work for local storage. Sorry, old age is clearly having an effect on my thought processes… :roll_eyes:

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Thanks guys. Things are more clear now. And it seems i was using wrong format for my network share. Finally got it right and the library filled up. Great!


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