Choose which streaming service to prioritise

When multiple streaming services are connected, give me a setting that will specify which service Roon will select when I play or add an album.

Scenario: I have both Tidal and Qobuz connected. I’m primarily a Qobuz user but I keep my Tidal account active because it has some albums Qobuz doesn’t have. Currently, every time I add or play an album, to get the Qobuz version I have to go in to Versions and select it manually. I’d like to have a setting that makes Roon choose the Qobuz version by default.


+1 though Roon has annoyed me enough that I have cut my Tidal subscriptions.
Yes Tidal lose business because Roon doesn’t let people prioritise

Any news on this problem?
It’s also a problem that Roon show MQA in Tidal when I don’t have MQA in my Tidal subscription. High res MQA I can’t access are prioritized before high res Qobuz

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