Choosing a Wireless Headphone Roon Endpoint/DAC with display...opinions?

Ok, so I’m after a wireless around the house option for my HD6xx…

I could go FIIO M11 Pro or an IPhone with USB DAC.
What I have been thinking so far.

Here’s the deal, I have a Dragonfly cobalt, on my everyday IPhone, but I get a lot of phone calls for conferences during the day, and it interrupts/stops the stream. When I finish the call, the iPhone zone/stream are often lost, and I have to either close and relaunch the stream, or even reboot the phone. This happens several times a day, I would say 5-10 times in a workday.

I do like the cobalt SQ, but productivity of getting connectivity back is a PITA.

Barring costs, would a new/used iPhone setup just as a roon endpoint be a good choice or M11Pro be better?


ps, I have this Anamoly noted separately in the support section. This behavior does not exist on an iPad. (And yes I do answer phone calls on the iPad)


This is my portable headphone setup. It’s a RPi4 running RoPieeeXL and Dragonfly Cobalt powered with an Anker battery. It sounds great with my Sony WH-1000Xm3 headphones.

You don’t really need the screen and screen case. Before I got those, I had it in a FLIRC case.

I will second the RPi4 with 7" touchscreeen. ~$180US including the combo case. (But not including a USB power bank. Note that if you go with the touchscreen, you need a power bank that can deliver 3A on one port, or 2.5A+1.5A on two ports.) And you say you already have a Cobalt, so no need for anything additional. (I don’t use mine as a portable solution – it drives my dedicated home office headphone rig.)

I get the impression most of the Android-based DAPs don’t play well with the Roon app from what I’ve read. There are also solutions like the Chord Mojo+Poly or Hugo2+2Go, but those are considerably more expensive and the Chord streamers have craptacular Wi-Fi chips in them, which give a LOT of (but not all) people grief.

(FWIW, I have a Hugo2Go setup, but I use it primarily via Ethernet since 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is oversaturated to the point of uselessness in my condo building. I have Ethernet switches in every room since no 2.4GHz-only device is reliable here. This is only an option if you go the Hugo2+2Go route, ~4x the cost of the Mojo+Poly combo that has no Ethernet port.)

I have a Fiio M9 which is based on Android. You can install Roon app on it but on Android Roon resamples everything to 48KHz. It’s a much discussed topic on the forum. Perhaps this is the same on the M11 Pro?

It’s the same for all Android devices, Roon will resample to what the os advertises the DAC as. The sample rate changes from device to device but the principal is the same. My hiby R5 is 44.1/24 yet it goes much much higher.