Choosing best filesystem for Roon database

I’ve purchased a 30GB SSD to serve no purpose other than to house the Roon database. Before I select a filesystem for the SSD it’d be useful to know to what extent the Roon database is static vs dynamic in ongoing usage (post initial scanning and analysis).

Is that going to be big enough?..

Roon never changes your music library @evand unless you set it up as an organized folder, which you should avoid. So it’s a read-only model.

30GB SSD isn’t all that big for a library - typically CD will run you a few hundred megabytes, and if you purchase hi-res music online, you can easily get once album using up 2GB of storage space.

He didn’t say Library, he said Database.

Oops… that he did! LOL

30GB is plenty - mine is about 2.1GB now on a 4,000 CD library - only really grows as you add album artwork.

But given that you cannot user-define where the database is stored then I would think 30GB is not enough.

Without knowing the OS involved, I see RAATServer + Roon Client + Roonserver using about 14GB on my NUC.
Account for an OS and 30GB looks too small.

Unless I misunderstand the intent here.

If you are going OS X, 30GB is plenty. OS plus Roon plus Roon metadata no problem.

It’s for the Roon database only, but I should’ve checked properly before assuming 30GB would do the trick. I’ve got less than a gig free after copying my Roon database across. :sweat:

Just as a copy location for the database rather than a live location?

To be clear - are you referring to your Roon library of music, or the metadata Roon creates to manage the library?

I think he is running Linux alpha, and I faintly recall that it can be made to store the database elsewhere. @evand will clarify I am sure.

Even on Mac OS X you can push any folder to another location if you know how to virtually map things in Finder. Isn’t all that hard, really.

I’ve thought about re-mapping the Roon metadata folder back to my RAID 5 array which is blistering fast and connected via Thunderbolt so there wouldn’t be any speed issues.

It’s supposed to house the “production” Roon database. I am running Arch Linux, and I’ve pointed Roon to an alternative DB location being the SSD. Given it’s close to full I’ve pointed the Log and Temp folders to tmpfs. My music is stored on another set of drives in the same machine.

How did the metadata get to 30GB? How many albums do you have in your library? If my experience is average, you’d likely have 60,000 albums?

Just over 1/3 of your estimate.

Cool! Must have been a ripping nightmare.

You must have a lot of custom album artwork for it to grow that large in size?

Ripping was started early 2000’s. Storage is a nightmare. I’m not sure re what gets copied to the db, inside each album folder there’s a cover and the back sleeve/ tracklisting.

In any event, FWIW I’ve gone with F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System) as the filesytstem for the SSD.

What does that mean?