Choosing to just view own recordings from HD in Nucleus OR recordings on Qobuz

I am still trying to get my head round using Roon with my classical music collection.

There are times that I ONLY want to browse my own recordings that I keep on a hard drive plugged into the Nucleus - but I can’t find how to do that without it showing recordings from Qobuz too (I know I could just log off Qobuz but I am looking for a better solution - I am sure it must be there!!). Also there are times when I would like to browse Qobuz (and exclude my own recordings) but I can’t find a way to do this either - I am sure there must be a simple 'button pressing option - but I am blowed if I can find it!!

Hope someone can help



Go to libary-focus-storage location and click on the location you want to see. Go back to albums and it shows the filtered albumlocation

Thank you - it seems a very strange way to do it as you then can’t seem to use the ‘search’ in the top right corner without it searching both libraries again - unless I have missed something - M (you can do it by having multiple ‘focus choices’ I see - M

I think per session you have to make the decision whether you want to use with or without external service, external USB drive etc… Music would like to play.

If I only want to listen to my internal SSD, I pull the USB cables, if I don’t need internet, I pull the Ethernet cable…you can also disable and re-enable devices and services, or create multiple Roon_1, Roon_2 databases…

The highest comfort would be, if Roon would ask at every start, what do you want to do now?

You can use Focus storage location to get a list of your local files, then use Bookmark to save that for immediate recall later. Then when you have the focus setup, don’t use Search as search will bring in all streaming content, just use the filter when searching album title or artist of local content.


It depends how you browse, eg take an Artist select discography , you will see an icon of “library books” click it and that limits to your local library.

Quite a few views have that filter icon , not ideal but it cuts out the clutter.

Works for me

Ideally a setting to pre select Local and switch to Streaming rather than the other way round

Alas Roon is rather streaming biased