Chopin Works Advice

I have a technical music question concerning Chopin’s works

If I look at say the Nocturnes Op.9 , are there 3 Discreet Works , Op.9/1, Op.9/2 and Op.9/3 Or is it a Single work with 3 movements ?

If we compare with Beethoven Op.2 they are normally shown as 3 discrete works with individual movements

I am not a trained musician so technically which is right ?

The question stems from a lack of consistency in Roon Metadata where if you do Composer = Chopin , Composition = Nocturne you get BOTH formats.

I suspect when a complete set of the Op.9 Nocturnes it opts for one work with 3 parts whereas if the track is an odd Nocturne the Individual work format is applied

This goes for most of Chopins work “sets” Preludes, Etudes Mazurkas etc

Is there any way of rationalizing this , other than manual adjustment and preferring the adjustment. It doesn’t seem logical to merge them

Its hard to go wrong tagging works, Mike. First of all, these works are often arbitrarily grouped and not necessarily intended to be performed in one sitting.

Often you will see Parts of Works presented on an album. Most likely they are there to fill up empty space on the disc.

I think the answer is “it’s up to you”. We have composition objects for the three individual Op. 9 Nocturnes and for all three as a set; it depends on whether or not you consider them to be one work. The CT Chopin catalog has them as separate items 108, 109, and 110, but that’s just the cataloger’s opinion!

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