Choppy Playback -- hires tracks on Chromecast Audio

I set up my new Chromecast audio with optical output to my Peachtree Nova. Everything sounds wonderful except 24/96 tracks. Very choppy playback. I have excellent wireless connections. Any clue what I can do to get 24/96??

Have you tried using the analog connection? I just played a 24/192 track to my CCA with analog out and Roon downsampled to 24/96 and it sounds fine.

Unfortunately I can’t send anything over 24/48 to my CCA with optical out due to limitations of the Samsung soundbar I have it connected to. I was hoping to use an optical connection for better sound and I’m about to try Roon’s DSP engine to see if I can downsample everything to 24/48. I suspect if I can get the DSP engine to downsample I may find out that I can’t tell the difference due to the quality of the speakers in the soundbar.