Chord 2go clicks and track skipping

Core Machine

Zotac CI662 nano, 16GB, 4TB SSD, Ubuntu Server 20.04.2

Network Details

Wired: Ubiquiti Edgerouter PoE-5, dual WAN load balanced (Xfiniti, Sonic DSL), house wiring a combination of coax with Actiontec MoCAs and Cat 6 with UniFi switches. Wireless: AmpliFi base station bridged to router, AmpliFi mesh points.

Audio Devices

Wired: Linn Klimax system hub; Pi2 Design Pi2AES+Pi 4 connected to DACs and headphone amps.
Wireless: Chord Hugo2+2go

Library Size

26,000 tracks, mostly local.

Description of Issue

I’ve owned the Hugo2+2go for just over one year, but unfortunately it never worked reliably. It may play for hours, and then suddenly it starts glitching and eventually it skips the track, and typically in that state it keeps skipping from track to track until the album or playlist finishes. The same setup works flawlessly playing from the local microSD via the 2go’s internal DLNA server. I updated the 2go to its latest firmware recently, which was supposed to fix earlier problems. It did not.

I have Roon logs that show rtt sync warnings increasing in frequency, delta magnitude, and drift until too many dropouts cause the track skip. Happy to provide those. This seems a repeated pattern, something (sync failures?) seems to accumulate until the Roon>2go connection goes into an error state.

The same problem happens at my other location, with the same core, but with a UniFi Dream Machine wired and wireless router.

Hello @Fernando_Pereira,

Thanks a lot for letting us know of this. I’m sorry about the trouble!

Could you please zip up that folder and send us a copy here, we can get a sense of what’s gone wrong here. We’ll walk you through the next steps after that so we can figure out what’s gone wrong.

Thanks in advance :pray:

Thanks @beka but unfortunately the upload link you shared seems broken :confused:

I’m sorry about that :sweat: Hopefully this should do it instead:

Do you feel comfortable using Dropbox / Google Drive / and post a link here? Please be sure to turn on “sharing by link”, instructions on how to do so for Dropbox can be found here and for Google Drive can be found here.

One more thing: I am able to stream local files from the same server with minimserver (DLNA) to the same 2go+Hugo2 endpoint without glitches so far. Well, spoke too soon: things started to get worse in the last few minutes, with clicks, stutters, gaps. Given that two very different protocols are involved, and the server works perfectly with a range of other devices, it looks like 2go WiFi, not the protocol, is the issue.

Hey @Fernando_Pereira,

I was wondering how things have unfolded since June. Have they improved? Can we help with anything? :nerd_face:

Thanks for checking in! The last time I used the 2go, I had the same problems. But then I found a similar issue with my A&ultima SP1000M when its Roon Ready firmware arrived, even though the SP1000M is on 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz. I now suspect that part of the issue may be network congestion from Web services that consume all of the WiFi bandwidth for short bursts that are just enough to trigger packet loss. I should debug this further by setting up a separate WiFi AP for audio, but I’ve been too busy to do that.

Thanks for taking a moment to share your findings, @Fernando_Pereira.

Your hypothesis might very well be true. There’s no rush on our end, so, whenever you have a chance to give it a try, please, keep us in the loop :nerd_face:

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