Chord 2go no longer working — suggestions?

I got it in March 2020 and used it happily (with Roon), always on battery and WiFi. For several months I have not used it at all for personal reasons. It was fine when last used. Now it doesn’t work. I leave it plugged into the charger all the time, and the light on the Hugo2 shows it is charging. But none of the lights on the 2go are lit, and it does not show up in GoFigure, or on the WiFi network, or on the wired network, or in Roon of course. The iPad remembers it as a Bluetooth connection but it is not active on Bluetooth. It isn’t just a network problem, the Charge light does not go on.

I disconnected the 2go from the Hugo2, in case they had some disagreement in their connection, but it didn’t help, no status lights on the 2go lit up. The Hugo2 works fine on a direct USB connection.

This parrot is deceased.

Did you try a factory reset (p. 22 here)?

I hadn’t, thank you.
But it didn’t work.
Even factory reset requires that the unit is functioning, because the UI is through speech via the Hugo 2 and headphones. There is no physical reset.


Must be something in the air. The analog out on my Hugo2 just failed. (2Go still works fine.)

Been meaning to thank you for encouraging me to go with the Susvara. Truly amazing.

Yes, the Susvara are amazing.
I have tried other high-end cans but nothing comes close.

I agree. Not close.

FYI — Chord agreed it’s broken, asked I send it back to the dealer.