Chord Dave and Mac Pro

Can anyone give me advice as to how i get the best out of my set up Chord Dave DAC, Apple Mac Pro late 2013 and EclipseTD M1 speakers.

Thanks in advance.

I have the DAVE and use it as a pre-amp wired directly to my power mono blocks. I am using Wilson Audio Sasha 2 speakers. Anyway recently added the Sonore microRendu and the Uptone Audio LPS-1 power supply and it has made a really nice improvement. The microRendu is direct connect to my Mac Mini via an Audioquest Cinnamon Ethernet cable and the microRendu is connected to the DAVE via Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB cable

I realise i am at the very beginning of a very steep learning curve where audiophiles are concerned probably some distance from that point that feels right for me . I had considered better speakers as offering more bang for my buck but really got seduced by the DAVE and how it improved my flac and aiff , the simplicity of accessing music via the internet was just too appealing not to embrace so my journey to bankruptcy begins , mac man

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Welcome to the club.