Chord Dave streamer requirement


I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a portable streamer that can work with Roon to stream to the chord Dave.

Ideally I’d like a battery power option if that is feasible for the streamer that is rechargeable. Less wires and cables the better.

I guess I can use an android phone but my Samsung doesnt do a very good job of decoding hi Res. I also use Tidal currently.

Has anyone got experience of this? Also I plan to maybe have it in a bedroom rather than downstairs and I realise it’s bigger than the chord Hugo 2go which I have currently.

Any suggestions welcome. Thanks

Not sure if i understand what you are looking for. I read in the headfi thread that XDUOO X-10T II is the greatest portable streamer for Dave and other chord dacs then using its optical out.

Hope this helps, if not we are got the same problem. Mscaler with optodx from audiowise might make the source less important. If that is true I would get a shd studio.

Atm I’m rocking a Sotm sms200ultra neo with the sotm usb recklocker.

I believe you can use an Apple Touch, which Roon will see as an endpoint. There is a user called musickid on the head-fi forum who has posted extensively on this. For example here:

Possibly less important, but in my experience still significant differences between streamers with the M-Scaler (though I don’t use optodx but Wave cables). A upposedly very good budget streamer from Allo with low noise PSU was in my system disappointing compared to Auralic Aries G2.

I would also check out a cheaper Apple model like the Touch or some second hand model. Or dedicated player such as the Xduoo.