Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 Icon

I now have a Chord electronics TT2 and prior to that I have a Chord Qutest. Roon detected my Qutest and assigned the correct icon for it but my TT2 does not show. When I search for it only the original TT shows.

Is this something Chord need to do or is it down to Roon to update the new icon?

Cheers @support

The TT2 probably isn’t certified by Roon and it’s up to Chord to submit a device for certification. It’s the same for my 2Qute. However, Roon correctly identifies its capabilities.

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Hello @Paul_Whittaker,

Chord has communicated to us that they would like to have the Hugo TT 2 Roon Tested and included in the device identification program. I can’t speak to the timeline for ultimately having the assets included in-app.


That’s great to hear John. It isn’t essential but it would look nice.


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