Chord electronics

How come in this forum “Audio Product” section, we dont have Chord Electronics? Or I cant fond it? Strange sonce many people have Chord DACs…

The hardware sections are, generally, for endpoints and the chords are just DACs is my interpretation.

What about the Poly, especially now that it’s Roon Ready?

Btw, have any Poly users successfully updated to firmware version 2.0?

But only with a lot of patience. :sweat_smile:

Does it work any better. Always fancied one but put off by reports…

I don’t know what reports you’ve read.
Maybe you want to elaborate about it, so I can have some time to rest and test. :wink:

My apologies should have been clearer. That the Poly dropped off the network quite a lot and was then hard to find again.

My WiFi is very stable – so I can’t really comment on this. He surely doesn’t support seamless roaming – so I have to hit play again when I roam between my two APs, but no problem with reconnects (might be even better/quiker now with 2.0).

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I’m getting reliable WiFi performance in places where previously it would drop off. So yes, definitely have noticed an improvement.