Chord Hugo 2 + 2go + Roon Update


I’ve been tinkering with the Hugo2 and specifically the 2go connectivity. I had a good run of songs and then bang the following day I got the drop outs and track skipping that many have mentioned on previous posts…

So I might have a fix (that has worked for me).

I moved my Netgear 7300 extender to my source room - in this case the bedroom. I appreciate not everyone can do this for practically reasons but also added a smaller extender in the room that it was taken from.

I used an application called WiFi Analyser on Android to identify the signal and it recommended a bunch of channel choices on the 2.4ghz bandwidth to map the device to - in this case 11,13&14 for existing connected devices.

I then opened up the Netgear application on Chrome and have mapped the 2.4ghz to a specific channel that WiFi Analyser recommended and all is well so far. No drop outs and plays great.

As I say every home is different but this has solved the issue I had. Thanks


Which one, I see 7 with that name… Interesting experiment for sure, I should try something similar.