Chord Hugo not receiving USB input from RoPieeeXL


I installed RoPieeeXL (Roopiee 382, Roopieee XL 20190824-1) on a Raspberry Pi (4 Model B Rev 1.1) (no HAT) today. All went smoothly and I can configure the device via its internal IP. However I can’t get any audio output from it. Tried with headphones plugged directly into the Pi, and a Chord Hugo connected by USB. Roon core is running on mac mini, everything is ethernet connected.

I can play to the Pi in Roon as an airplay device, and also as a Spotify endpoint on my phone. I can’t see it as a Roon Ready device though. Oddly if I select the ‘Raspberry Pi DAC (I2S)’ HAT in the RoopieeeXL configuration I can see it as a RR device (no sound though)

I’ve gone through multiple reboots of the Pi of course but haven’t restarted the Roon core (serious cooking and music enjoying currently happening :-)). Can anyone suggest what to try next ?

headphone will certainly not work as RoPieee disables the analog outputs.

Can you hook up your Chord Hugo and send me feedback? You can find this on the ‘advanced’ tab of the webinterface.

Thanks. d2051ae487566710

There is no audio device. Is your Chord Hugo turned on and plugged in?

Yes. I’ve tried on both SD and HD inputs.

What do you mean with SD and HD inputs?

Anyways, the PI does not see your DAC connected, hence no audio and no visibility in Roon.

The Hugo has two USB inputs, SD and HD. I’ve tried another USB cable but no joy.

So could be it’s hardware related. I’ve never before used the Hugo with USB input (only coaxial and optical). I have a Qutest - I’ll plug that in and see if it sees the input…

The Qutest works. So I know what the problem is, the Hugo. Just don’t know how to fix it ! Thanks for the very quick help

Yay. Replaced the USB cable I was using with one supplied with the Hugo and it works :slight_smile: I don’t know why it makes a difference, but I don’t care now. Cheers