Chord Hugo2 and 2go drop outs


I’m beginning to regret looking at the forums now as many people commented about network drop outs using these 2 devices specifically the chord 2go.

I have very fast broadband around the house but I can’t physically listen to more than one or 2 tracks and then the 2go drops the signal from Roon with anything higher than 16/44.

It’s a nightmare to be honest. Any advice or suggestions for a decent wireless connection ? I really don’t want to be using wired connections as it defeats the purpose of having it.


Return the 2go

1 - Use an iphone (or an android phone) running the Roon app - connect to the Hugo with a short cable.


2 - use a battery powered Raspberry Pi running roon bridge connected to the Hugo with a short cable

Both options above will work better than the 2go on wifi (and save you a lot of money and cause less irritation)

So the problem I have is that my android S10+ has bad firmware for decoding master mqa stuff. I get pops in the audio for anything above 16/44. I can circumvent this with a dedicated audio player but then can’t use Roon. So I decided to look at the 2go.

Any suggestions for the raspberry pi kit ? Is there one I can buy off the shelf ? Thanks

Something like this ?

Hi Méhul - sorry I added to the post

Would this work

I haven’t run across an off the shelf implementation.

However it’s not difficult to build

Easiest way is probably if you start here -

Plenty of support here on the room forum too -

If you want to be totally wireless then -

For a battery for the Pi you have a couple of options -
1 - an on board UPS type battery - PiJuice - but it’s a bit more complicated to setup but has the advantage of being neater

2 - any decent rechargeable battery of the type used to charge phones - a 2,000 mAh one will give you about 2 hours of play time, but even 10,000 mAh ones ( about 10 hours play time) are not that large and expensive now.

All in all, with the battery, your talking about £100 max. With no battery about £60 with a power supply

Yes, it bulkier than the 2go - but considering that the 2go doesn’t work…


You just need the Pi and the SD card. Maybe the power supply if you want to use it without a battery at times

This is what my setup looks like

Thanks. Much appreciated

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Most of the Roon issues are your own network issues. I use an eero mesh network system which is comparatively inexpensive. I run 8 zones of wireless audio throughout my house and not to mention our computers, phones, iPad’s etc. I can stream Roon to all 8 zones with no issues. I have one of my three eero’s wired to the router, beyond that everything is wireless. It works like a charm. No clicks, no interruptions nada. Get rid of wires and do a mesh wi-fi network. I do get an occasional click once in a blue moon and I noticed that on the rare occasion it happens is when I go from MQA files to standard definition and this is also very rare. You cannot underestimate the power of a strong wireless network. Mt Nucleus is totally wireless (except for the power) and I stream through a Blusesound Node. Remember I can stream all eight zones continuously. without any issues. Good luck and make sure your Roon/Nucleus is updated.

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