Chord Mojo not automatically listed as audio zone when connected to Ubuntu Roon Server

I connected my Chord Mojo to an Ubuntu Roon Server. Whenever I turn the Mojo off and on again, the Core no longer lists it as an audio zone, so I have to go to Settings > Audio, where “device not found” is shown in red next to the Chord Mojo. I then have to click the gear and select Retry, after which the Mojo is found and can be used again as an audio zone. This is quite cumbersome. It didn’t happen when I was running Roon Server on a Windows installation, so I think it might have something to do with Linux using ALSA instead of ASIO. Is there any way to resolve or work around this?

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I don’t think it has anything to do with ALSA. It probably has to do with the USB drivers. It does not seem to be auto connecting again.

I tested this again. When I’m in Settings > Audio and press the refresh button in the upper right hand corner (total refresh), it also reconnects to the Chord Mojo. So it seems Roon (Server?) just isn’t automatically refreshing the output devices/audio zones when clicking ‘Select an audio zone’. The behaviour seems different between Roon Server on Windows and on Ubuntu (since I’m running the Roon client on the same devices). Could this be some sort of bug?

Did you find a work around? I’m having the same issue for a year at least and its kind of annoying…

I’m afraid to tell you I switched to Windows 10 :slight_smile: I also had an issue with other software that I coulnd’t fix as an inexperienced Ubuntu user.

Are you by any chance running your server on a NUC? Because I ran into another, similar USB issue on Windows 10, in that it sometimes also failed to reconnect after turning my Mojo off and on again. I fixed that by disallowing the USB port/driver to go into sleep mode. So that might be something you could look into on Ubuntu.

This did the trick for me usb - How to exclude certain device from being grabbed by PulseAudio? - Ask Ubuntu

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