Chord Mojo2 & Poly works as a Roon server/core?

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Hi Guys, does anyone know if I can use chord mojo2 & poly as a Roon server/core? I travel a lot and would like to use the chord combo without using my Macbook Pro as the Core. Great if I can do that on the plane, hotel, etc.
Thanks in advance.

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Please do yourself a favor and check out Roon’s help center

What is the Core?
The Core is media server software that runs on a powerful computer, NAS, or turnkey appliance (like Nucleus or ROCK), located on the network within your home.
(For more information on how it fits in with Control and Output components, see the Architecture overview.)
When we emphasize that Roon requires a Core, we do so because it is important to draw a distinction between Roon and some other systems…


I am afraid not Corey, Roon core can only run on a computer or Nas type server product. Needs a lot of grunt to run the core.

As already made clear, you can’t run Roon Core on the Poly. However, you can use the Poly Mojo on the go without your MacBook. All you need is your iPhone with GoFigure and Glider installed, and an SD card with your music inserted into the Poly.

There’s a really useful guide online. If I find it, I’ll post here.

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