Chord MScaler and TT2 disconnecting from Roon

Looking for some help with my setup.

I run a Chord MScaler connected to a Hugo TT2 for my Roon setup.

About once a day the the MScaler disconnects from my Mac (connected via USB). The disconnect happens in Roon. I will try to play a track, and Roon will show it as playing, but no sound will be played. After about 5 seconds, Roon moves to the next track and tries to play that without showing an error. All the time, the audio zone in Roon shows as my Chord setup.

If I use other applications at that point to check for the presence of the Chord set up on the USB bus (e.g. the MacOS MIdiSetup tool), that tool hangs for about a minute and then shows no audio devices.

If I exit Roon and restart, when Roon returns the audio zone for the Chord stack is no longer present. If I look at devices on in the Roon setup, there are no devices present on my Mac, not even System Output.

A powercycle of the Chord stack does nothing to remedy. Using a developer tool to reset the USB bus on the Mac does nothing to remedy. Only a full reboot of the Mac fixes this.

This problem only occurs with Roon. If I use the native MacOS Qobuz app I don’t get this issue.

Please help!

Some more details of my setup

  • MacBook Pro 16" 2019 (running Big Sur 11.0.1, but also had the issue several versions of Catalina ago)
  • Blackmagic Pro eGPU (connected via thunderbolt to MacBook Pro - lastest firmware Dec 2019)
  • Chord MScaler (connected to eGPU via USB)
  • Chord Hugo TT2 (connect to MScaler via Dual BNC)
  • Roon Remote on the Mac (Version 1.7 build 667)
  • Roon Core on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on an Intel NUC

Would love some help with this if anyone at Roon or the community can help.

I was running the Chord MScaler and Hugo TT combination in the following setups without this issue. I assume it may be your Blackmagic Pro.

  1. iMac USB A > MScaler dual BNC > Hugo TT2
  2. MacBook Pro M1 USB-C Thunderbolt > Apple Display Pro XDR > USB-C to USB-A connector > MScaler dual BNC > Hugo TT2
  3. Roon Nucleus+ USB > Innuos Phoenix USB Reclocker > MScaler dual BNC > Hugo TT2

I’ve got a MacBook Air M1, chord Mscaler and have the same problem. I quit the Roon app and disconnect the Mscaler from my Mac and plug it back in again and it seems to work. Happens at random, once or twice a week, annoying but now I know how I can fix it for me, inconvenient. Mind you it does mean I get a break and can make a cup of tea.