Chord Poly and Mojo as portable system

Ciao all.
I own a Chod Mojo and I would like to make a portable system that works with Roon, so I was thinking to get me a Poly in order to have a full system with the micro SD or connect in Wifi with Spotify or Tidal.
I heard about some issues with this product but I would like to have your view/suggestions.

I have a Mojo and am “interested” in the poly. There are several threads over on about the pair. I have read a few and they have had some software issues. I do not know what the current state of the system is. I mostly use the MoJo with my iPhone or iPad…

Thank you Bob! Yes I like the mojo also with the iPhone but having all my library on poly and also the possibility to have it always with me is quite tempting… maybe also the audio quality should improve having a dedicated HW rather than the iphone…

I’ve been thinking of upgrading to my music on the go solution. An iPod Classic with 160 Gb drive and a headphone amp doesn’t cut it anymore. I have been using high-res MP3 files on the iPod, but my album collection has grown and won’t fit onto an iPod anymore. Plus I now rip to high res MP3, Apple lossless and lossless FLAC files and would prefer to use the FLAC files on my mobile solution. But this increases the storage requirement quite a bit.

I’ve been considering getting a Chord Mojo with Chord Poly. At home and work it could be an endpoint on my Roon systems.

However, on the move, it seems all of the FLAC files have to fit onto a single micro CD card slot in the Chord Poly. I would then need to control it from my Android smartphone.

It seems the biggest micro SD card currently available is 256 Gb. My FLAC file collection has just gone past 512 Gb and is still growing.

So is there a solution whereby I can still have the full collection on a single device? I don’t fancy having to manage having the collection spread across multiple micro SD cards.

Maybe something other than the Chord Mojo + Poly combination, but still nice and portable? Some way to get 1 Tb of storage would be ideal.